Inks and Ideas

1. Paul Gauguin 'Black Pigs' 1891. 2. Gustave Caillebotte, Boulevard Haussmann, Snow, 1880-81. 

I'm going to be starting the final artwork for my new book 'Buddy' very soon. I'm excited about this book, as I really love the story, and it has scenes that are going to challenge my drawing skills. With each book you have to set yourself a new objective, so you discover and learn, and hopefully improve your skills. 'Buddy' has some very diverse landscapes in it, including a couple of exotic spreads. So I've been doing a fair amount of research into how to create that heat, and glorious colour, and who better to study than Gauguin? I'm also feeling very inspired by a few Caillebotte paintings for my wintery city scenes. 

This morning the postman delivered my new set of inks, all 26 colours. It's a new brand of inks for me, I can't get my hands on my favoured set anymore, but these seem very similar. I've also got a great set of french Sennelier pastels, I'd highly recommend them. (Tip: If you use the darker shades never rub straight into paper always work it in gently with your fingers or it marks.) 

So I have a head full of ideas, a desk full of art materials, now I just need to get started! 

If you have any questions about papers, materials, or anything artwork-wise I'd really love to hear them!