London book fair with the B.N.I

Yesterday they held a seminar at the London Book Fair about the 'Best New Illustrators Award' (of which I am one!) It was chaired by Nicolette Jones, with Polly Dunbar, Anthony Browne, and Lauren Child on the panel. Seven of our gang of ten attended, and at the end of the talk we had to go up alphabetically and talk for a few minutes about our work. Despite starting with the wrong person, no-one being able to operate the slideshow and someone tripping over their bag, it all looked highly professional! In fact, I think we all did pretty well at our impromptu speeches, especially as we were being watched by a panel of picture-book greats. 

I wandered around the fair falling in love with various foreign books, and thoroughly enjoyed talking to the other illustrators. Alice Melvin had come down all the way from Edinburgh, Chris Haughton was back from Nepal, Viv Schwarz was wearing a lovely hand-made dress, Claudia Boldt had green tights on, Salvatore Rubbino told me the best lego story I've ever heard... and did you know Joe Berger is illustrating 'Chitty-chitty Bang Bang'? 

I completely forgot my camera though, which was a shame, but if I can get my hands on some pictures I'll post them up. This is a photo from the awards ceremony of most of us, L-R Levi Pinfold, Me, Claudia Boldt, Viviane Schwarz, Alice Melvin, (Children's Laureate) Anthony Browne, Joe Berger and Salvatore Rubbino. 

The exhibition of our artwork is now at Foyles in Charring Cross, to see where else it's going click here

Photo from Booktrust